Taxpayers Lives Matter is a group of Ag producers and landowners who are at the end of their ropes concerning the grossly unjust taxing policies in the state of Nebraska. In Nebraska a minority is saddled with a majority of the tax burden. That minority is Ag land property owners. The property taxes, that we pay in on one quarter of farmland my wife and I own in Dawson County, Nebraska, has gone up 333% over that last 10 years!

Elected (and unelected) officials say they need to spend three times the money because the value of Ag land has increased. What are they doing, buying farmland?

As an example, Educational Service Unit #10 has increased their spending 326% over the last ten years. Why??? Are there more students in their area? No! Are there more employees sucking off of the taxpayers? Yes.

If this was a private business, this would be called a “windfall profit”. As the value of Ag land increased they left their mill levy the same and spent (wasted) the additional money.

Guess what, Ag land values are now going down. I wonder if ESU #10 will again leave their mill levy the same and learn to live on less. If you believe that you probably believe the other taxing entities will be happy to live on less also.

Something has to be done about out of control property taxes and since a majority of the people in the state is very happy that a minority is paying the majority of the taxes, there is a zero percent chance that the Legislature will do anything, so the only people left are landowners and (unless they want to pay higher rent) their tenants.

We are asking all farmers, ranchers and landowners to attend all budget meetings in their areas this year and turn up some heat on the people who hold us in contempt by taxing the hell out of us.

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